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Creating Tomorrow's World Begins by Educating Today's Young Thinkers

Another Country Calling...The Adventures of Simon and Barklee
TM is a literacy program designed along parallel paths. One destination is literacy in the scholastic sense, reading, writing and critical thinking. The other expands learning to embrace global literacy. Read educators' reviews of the series.

Couple academics with cross-cultural understanding and celebration of differences. Content areas include reading, writing, math, social studies, science the arts and more. Develop students critical thinking skills, problem analysis, decision making and research skills. See our How It Works section for more detail.

Professional development, in-service training, student workshops, author visits, and international classroom partnerships are available.

Activity books and teachers' editions expand on the storybooks and provide lesson plans and enrichments for individual activities as well as small and large group projects. A full resource list is included in each edition.

Materials meet content standards for most states.

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How Teachers are Using Simon and Barklee:

Balanced Literacy
Teachers are using the books as part of a Balanced Literacy initiative, especially in the areas of guided reading, interactive reading, shared reading, and independent reading as well as the same segments of writing.

Literature Circles
Teachers report this as one of the most interesting ways to use the materials. Students collaborate to learn in multiple academic areas. It also provides a platform for extensive enrichment activities. (for information on how to use Literature Circles in your classroom, go to,, or

Unit Studies
Teachers and students focus on the study of a particular continent or country with attention to geography, history, culture, foreign language. The teachers' editions provide a wealth of resources for enrichments.

World Learning Centers
Teachers are creating a corner in the classroom to accumulate materials related to study of countries. Included in the Center are Simon and Barklee books as well as other internationally focused fiction and non-fiction resources, magazines, art and music samples, newspapers, currency examples, project ideas that involve students as well as family and community members, supplementary projects for gifted students, students work samples and more. See our Resources section for examples.

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Programs for Students

Young Authors Workshop
An exciting classroom experience for elementary school children. Taught by authors, this program teaches writing for story and is offered in several versions.

Passport Pals
Students are invited to create their own Simon and Barklee adventures and send them to the author of the books. Writing projects from these entries will be selected for publication on Simon and Barklee's website. [see current student projects]

Partner Schools
Classrooms are partnered with peer classrooms in other countries for the purpose of electronically exchanging teacher-supervised, learning centered correspondence. Private-access webpages are created for each partnering group.

Author Visits
Simon and Barklee's authors will come to your school to do readings, workshops, assemblies or for other special purposes.

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Programs for Teachers

In-service Workshops
Professional educators and trainers conduct workshops for educator groups using the Simon and Barklee program.

Professional Development Workshops
Professional educators and trainers conduct workshops for educators interested in improving their teaching skills in balanced literacy techniques and using integrated curriculum.

Teaching Culture to Kids
Everything we think and do is filtered through our own cultural lens. This teacher training is designed to give teachers simple but powerful tools to bring the concepts of culture and its power to classrooms.

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College Credit Courses

Seattle Pacific University
LITERACY FOR TOMORROW'S WORLD - The Language Arts approach to Global Literacy. (Course number EDRD 5538)

Course description may be found at
Registration information may be found at

Antioch University
CHILDREN AND THEIR WORLD a?? Cross-disciplinary Strategies for Developing Global Thinkers (Course number SS 4070 undergraduate Level - or SS 54070 Graduate level)

Contact: The Heritage Institute via email at:

or register on-line at

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Regional School Sales Representatives

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