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"Simon and Barklee link reading and literacy to the world. This combined literature and social studies series is flexible, beautifully crafted and intelligent. I recommend it highly."
Carol Santa, Ed.D, President, International Reading Association, 2000.

"This is the most creative educational product I have ever seen."
Michael Massarotti, Ph.D., former Superintendent of Schools, District 50, Colorado.

"I've seen Simon and Barklee immediately engage and delight children as they share their adventures in other lands. What a wonderful way to open the wider world to the young citizens growing up to face global challenges and opportunities! Cross-curricular instructional content occurs naturally in the context of exciting stories - and the teacher's support materials are especially good. Simon and Barklee speak directly and respectfully to children, and the authors speak directly and respectfully to teachers. This series gets an A+"
Thelma Reese, Ed.D., Reading and Literacy advocate, spokesperson and educational consultant for international learning programs, professor.

"The Simon and Barklee series does it all. The stories are terrific, the teachers’ materials and children’s activity books first-rate. Kids not only get quality materials of multidisciplinary value, they have a romping good time learning how to be global citizens. This is a real winner."
Cliff Gillies, M.Ed. retired educator; Model Schools Project Principal; Principal of the Year, National Association of Secondary School Principals 

"The bundling of cross curriculum coverage is only made possible by the strong imaginative and creative theme and concept you have created. Not only does it have uniqueness; it also potentially has extensive growth possibilities in promoting an understanding and appreciation of world cultures."
William C. Carroll, former president of Addison-Wesley children’s book publishing, former president of Open Court Press, and founder of Cricket Magazine for children.

"My class started the Simon and Barklee in Germany book today and I have to tell you that they are on fire. I couldn’t get them to stop reading and move on to other things."
Jennifer Gandarias, 4th grade teacher

"Educators will welcome Simon and Barklee, along with the lesson plans and teachers manuals, as most helpful tools for interdisciplinary integration of their curriculum."
Margaret Evans, Assistant Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals, Washington DC

"The Simon and Barklee series greatly helps to instill in children a love for reading and an appreciation of other countries. The stories are interesting, adventurous, and beautifully illustrated. The characters open up the imagination to want to explore more of the world. The cross-disciplinary aspect is particularly valuable. The books are in use in some of the Archdiocese schools now and will be in more in the upcoming year."
Father Robert Reycraft , St. Louis Grade School, Denver, CO

"What a wonderful way to experience travel and geography without ever leaving home. I want to 'pack my bags' for more trips"

Becky Perry, Colorado home-school mom

"As a third grade teacher, I am thrilled with the idea of integrating fun and adventure into several curriculums, especially in geography. Children will enjoy the books because the characters are two humorous animals that travel to real places. I'll use these books to enhance several units of study. They're a great way to get children interested in learning about different places in the world."
Connie Schwarzkopf, Arizona third grade teacher.

"Simon and Barklee is an excellent resource for teachers. While learning about countries through an entertaining story you can study reading, math, geography, history, and especially help your students gain a positive understanding and respect for people and different cultures. I am anxiously awaiting the next Simon and Barklee adventure to share with my second graders."
Pam Klug, Washington second grade teacher.

 "The Adventures of Simon and Barklee will be a welcome addition to the library of any homeschooling family. By merely reading these delightful books, children will acquire a wealth of knowledge about world geography and culture. Homeschooling parents will also appreciate the lesson plans and study guides, which make The Adventures of Simon and Barklee a springboard to more formal investigation.
Sondra Barton, Colorado home school family

"I just love this material. The quality is outstanding--everything is so good--the story line, the illustrations--even the paper and fonts...the maps are excellent...and the exercises are perfect. The interdisciplinary nature is ideal--especially the measurement and monetary systems.... (I love the part in the England activity book "High Tea in the Lake District" ... and the section on opinions/stereotypes is so important.) After I share with some teachers, I will have no problem encouraging adoption of the series. I am just very impressed."
Pat Gallagher, Education consultant, Office of the Mayor, Kansas City, MO
(24 years elementary teaching)

"Simon and Barklee is to die for!"
Joan Burnett, Principal, Presentation School, Denver CO

"The kids get so engrossed in the story, they are learning and don't even realize it."
Debbie Brown, Principal, Blessed Sacrament School, Denver CO

"Simon is a bird and Barklee is a dog. Together these two great friends embark upon a wonderful adventure traveling to France and meeting a series of remarkable and memorable characters. David Scherer's delightfully entertaining text is laced with factual information about France, while Kara Richardson's superbly executed artwork is a perfect support for the storyline. Simon and Barklee in France is an enthusiastically recommended addition to school and community library collections - and is a "must" for any family with children bound for vacation or business travel in France!"
Midwest Book Review

"Simon & Barklee In England is the latest book in the adventurous Simon & Barklee series for children. The exciting tale is of a best-friends dog and bird duo exploring a new country, visiting Shakespeare's home town, and singing for the Queen among numerous other amazing activities. Simon & Barklee features not only playful color illustrations, but also a simple map of England and a glossary of British English words that differ from their American counterparts, making the engaging exploits of the animal companions as educational as it is entertaining! Also highly recommended is the Simon & Barklee In England Fun Book a consumable companion workbook for young folks, who can undertake 22 different exercises of three different challenge levels, from coloring the Union Jack flag to measuring in metrics and learning what happens when one crosses the International Date Line."
Midwest Book Review

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