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Kids, this is a place for you to publish your own Simon and Barklee stories!

See some Passport Pals stories here!

Some story ideas might be:

  • Opportunities for Simon to sing or entertain in an unusual place
  • A place for Barklee to get into mischief
  • A place for their guide to take them to visit a local festival or special country event
  • A funny experience
  • An adventure where one or both of them get into a dangerous situation and have to be rescued
  • An adventure where Simon, Barklee, or their guide solve a mystery or help rescue someone in trouble

Some will be published right here on Simon and Barklee's web site. Watch for your story to appear. (Classes and teachers will be notified when their stories are selected.)

PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING ANY MATERIAL: We make no guarantees that individual or group story submissions will be selected for publication on this website or anywhere else. All stories will be screened for appropriateness. All stories submitted will become the exclusive property of Simon and Barklee, Inc. and will not be returned.


  • Select a favorite Simon and Barklee book
  • Select a place in that country that Simon and Barklee did not visit.
  • Plan a story about what they might have done and what might have happened to them if they had visited that place. Include details about the setting, new characters, conflict or complication and resolution.
  • Plan the story. Include the beginning, the middle, and the ending.
  • Research for their story. (famous landmarks, history, local festivals, famous people, events, regional details such as mountains, rivers, seaside that could play a part in the story.)
  • Write the story.
  • Illustrate the story.
  • Put the story and the illustrations together and send it to: David and Catherine W. Scherer, Simon and Barklee, Inc., 2280 E. Whidbey Shores Rd., Langley, WA 98260.


  • Research tools
       Atlas and/or wall maps
       Travel books about the chosen country
       History and geography books
       A basic foreign language/English dictionary
       Encyclopedia or world books
       Currency and metric conversion tables, charts and tools
  • Relevant web site addresses if computer access is available.

Please include your name, the school's name and address, and the class grade level, and write us a short note to tell us about your school. We would also like to hear about the different ways teachers use Simon and Barklee adventures with their students, AND we always like to hear from individual students about how they like the us any time to let us know.


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