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Here are our first two stories, the first one submitted by Krystal, and the second one submitted by Natasha and Callie, all from Langley Intermediate School, Langley, Washington, USA,:

A Friendship in Germany
By Krystal, age 10

"Barklee, the air-plane's pulling up," Simon yelled. "Oh no! There already getting ready to load! There's the luggage man. Let's give him are luggage and get on the plane." "Thank you," the man said.
"Simon what did you just whisper?"
I whispered "Danke, which means thank you in German." "I already know that. What are the seat numbers?" "25 and 26, first class."
"This is a comfortable seat."
"I agree," exclaimed Simon. "I'm tired I'm going to take a nap."

"We are now landing in Frankfurt, Germany," a lady on a speaker announced.
"That wasn't a very long flight. "
"That's because we slept through it".

After Simon and Barklee got of the plane they walked through the lobby and was outside. "Droschke, Droschke", Barklee yelled. A greenish blue car that said Droschke [which is a taxi] pulled up. They opened the door and got in.
"What's your name?" a black cat asked with white on it's paws and belly who was sitting in the back.
"I'm Barklee and that's Simon."
"Oh my name is Sonntag [zohn-tak]. It means Sunday in German."
"Where are you going?" the cab driver asked. Sonntag yelled out, "Please drive us to my house." "Danke", Barklee said. They drove past Pedestrian Zone, and Sachsenhausen. It looked really crowded ! The streets were packed with cars.
"Why are we driving on the left side of the road?" asked Barklee. Sonntag said, "Because in Europe people drive on the other side of the road."

Soon they arrived at Sonntag's house. Simon, Barklee and Sonntag went in to Sonntag's house.
"I'm bored, " exclaimed Sonntag.
"I know, lets play a game!" screamed Barklee. Hide and go seek, Tag, and Deadman were the three games they wanted to play. They decided to play Deadman first. "This is how you play," said Sonntag. One person walks around with their eyes closed trying to tag the other people. No one had to explain how to play tag and hide and go seek. Sonntag won Deadman, Barklee won at tag, and Simon won at hide and go seek. Everyone was tired and hungry.

"Lets eat lunch", suggested Simon. Sonntag got out of his kitchen two kinds of bread, ham, mashed potatoes, and cooked broccoli. When Simon and Barklee saw the food, they questioned it. Sonntag said, "this is the kind of food we eat at lunch."
After everyone finished their meal, Sonntag suggested to go see some landmarks or go to a store. Everyone got in to Sonntag's car. Sonntag started his car and pulled out of the drive-way. They were going down the road and Simon noticed a sign that said "Museum Suferfest opening today. Simon told Sonntag. So Sonntag decided to go. They drove past Cafe Weidenweber on their way. They pulled up at the museum. They walked all around Simon counted how many paintings he saw. His total was 76 paintings. Barklee only saw 10 statues. A tour guide was talking to a small group while Sonntag tripped on his shoe-lace. Simon looked at a clock. "That's interesting! How come there's 24 numbers on the clock?
Sonntag replied, "In Germany,we use a twenty-four hour clock instead of twelve."

"Oh no", screamed Barklee, "We need to go right now!" "Why... What's the matter?" asked Sonntag. "We need to catch our plane."
Simon, Barklee, and Sonntag ran out of the museum and jumped into Sonntag's car. They fastened their seat belts and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. "Look, there's a flea market and souvenir shop! I wish we had time to stop," exclaimed Simon. "We are late already. Maybe next time we can stop."

They got out of the car and said their goodbyes. Then the sprinted to catch the plane. Simon went to the front counter and got their seat numbers. The plane had just arrived. Everyone got on to the plane and sat down. As Simon looked out the window he mentioned to Barklee, "That was a great time in Frankfurt, Germany."

The Great Soccer Game
By Natasha and Callie, Age 10

One frosty, foggy, fall day Simon and Barklee were on the plane to Germany. They were waiting anxiously to arrive.

When they arrived in the airport, it was loud, noisy, and crowded with people waiting to board their planes. The wove in and out of people as they made their way to the cargo area. When they heard someone calling their names. At first they were startled. Then they walked toward the sound of their names. When they reached the area, they were greeted by a lovable, friendly, and cheerful monkey.

"Hello, my name is George," said the monkey. "I am your tourist guide for the next couple of days. My job is to show you around. First we will go to your hotel to check in, then I'll take you to a soccer game. Africa vs. Germany."

When the trio arrived at the game, they rustled out of the car and went up to the stands. Soon and large peanut came though the stands. "Hi. I'm Squirt, the peanut. Would you like to buy a bag of peanuts?"

Barklee replied, "How much do they cost?"

"Two croes," said the peanut.

Simon and Barklee still only had American money. The peanut seller said, " Since you are visiting, I'll give them to you for free."

"Thanks ... Danke," Simon and Barklee said in unison.

The game was beginning. As they watched the game, every five seconds they popped a peanut into their mouths. Germany was winning. The Africans just scored two goals. Now the game was tied, 2 to 2. Then Germany scored again. The African team races down the field. Dribble ... dribble ... shoot ... score. Twenty seconds left on the clock. The score is 4 to 4. Africa had the ball. All of a sudden, Germany came up from the side and took it. She shoots. She scores! The German team wins!!

"Yahoo!!" George, the monkey yells. Frank the Hyena started crying over his team's loss.

"Good game! You did your best. Let's celebrate," said George.

They went to the Roman Bath to celebrate. When they got there, Simon put on his trunks and Barklee got on her bathing suit. They went to different baths. Simon went to the boy's bath and Barklee scurried to the girl's bath. Barklee looked through the glass wall at Simon, then she jumped in with a big splash! It was very warm, about 290 C.

It had been about two hours when they finally got out and changed into their clothes.

They went outside where George was waiting for them. They climbed in the car and raced back to the hotel.

Once at the hotel, the trio walked down to the restaurant. Barklee ordered hasenpfeffer stew. Simon ordered pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs. George got a bratwurst shaped like a banana and sauerkraut. For dessert Simon and Barklee ate banana splits. It had all the toppings; ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauce, and a cherry. George ate a slice of Schwarzwalder cake.

When they were finished, they went up to their room. Once there they put on their pj's and climbed into their own beds. That night they slept soundly. They awoke to a smell of chocolate chip waffles with hot syrup. Still full from last night's dinner, they ate a little before saying goodbye to George.

"Auf Wiedersehen," Said Simon and Barklee.

"Danke for a wonderful time," chirped Simon.

"Yes. You are a wonderful guide," Barklee added.

Simon and Barklee picked up their luggage and went out the door. They caught the bus just before it was about to leave for the airport. It was very crowded on the bus. The only seats left were at the back of the bus. They sat in the last seats as the bus drove off. About 15 minutes later, they arrived at the airport.

They boarded the plane. It was very cramped. They found their seats and fastened the seat befts. Soon the plane began rolling. In seconds, the plane was off the ground. A flight attendant came by with a try of food. On the tray was a turkey sandwich, tomato soup, and a side dish of peaches.

"The food looks good, but I already miss German food," said Barklee.

"I know what you mean. German food is sure interesting," replied Simon

After a few hours the pair arrived in Washington. Tired from their trip, they got in their car and drove home. That night they went to bed and dreamt of their tour of Germany.

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