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Our Partners:

General Resource Web Sites:

National Geographic: - Incomparable resource for anywhere in the world. Information for kids, parents, teachers and schools. Maps, culture, history and more.

Geography Hotlist: - An outstanding list of links to fascinating places around the world, geography and science resources, teacher resources

The CIA World Fact Book: - One of the best resources available.

World explorers and travelers site with excellent links: - Find weather around the world, basic foreign language, embassies and consulate locations, links to world tourism sites and more.

Currency converter:

Distance calculator: - Finds place to place distances in both kilometers and miles.

Time calculator: - A world clock showing time differences by location.

Flags of the world:


Current Events: - Current events for kids.


Resources for the Classroom

Explorer Trail: Walk a Mile in my Shoes:
Complete multicultural resource links - country-specific studies, student to student connections, resources for teachers

Web 66:
A web-linked school registration site. Find a school to communicate with from an exhaustive list of schools around the world.

An educational project linking site — schools and projects worldwide. Sponsors language communities.

The Global School House:
A site linking kids and classrooms around the world.

Peace Corps website for educators:
Opportunities to connect your classroom with a peace corps volunteer. Lesson plans and resources for multiple grade levels.

Lit Circles Resource Center:

Young Adult Library Services Association:

Database of Award Winning Children’s Literature:


Resource Materials and People: - Excellent geography and mapping resources by "If the World Were a Village" author David Smith. Resources and workshops for students and teachers. - Creative math activity books for teachers, home schoolers, and concerned parents (especially grades 3-9) authored by math specialist Mark Wahl. Also info for booking teacher professional development workshops and conferences as well as innovative math and education links.


On-line Articles for Teachers and Parents

Teaching Multiculturalism, by Deborah A. Wallace
Reading Online
A project for teaching elementary school students to understand and accept multicultural differences.

Objectives: Comparing Cultures, by Karin Blair
A cross-cultural experience, China. What it means to investigate cultural differences

Multiculturalism: What do Students Think? Survey by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
Do kids want to study it? Do they think it’s important?

Rethinking Schools: Standards and Multiculturalism by Bill Bigelow, 1999
A statement about the relationship of standards and testing to teaching of multiculturalism.

In addition, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact us any time.   

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