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Simon and Barklee uses world cultures as a study platform to incorporate curriculum including reading, writing, vocabulary, basic foreign language, math, geography, history, science, music, art and more. Children develop learning and thinking skills; research, analysis, organization, reason and judgement.

Homeschoolers, Travel the World With Simon and Barklee

  • Integrated curriculum -- travel and adventure form a platform for learning.
  • Unit studies -- make our global village the basis for combining multiple disciplines.
  • Self directed exercises for children -- easy-to-use activities make learning fun
  • Enrichments -- teaching strategies go beyond the books with exciting additional learning opportunities and resources.
  • Projects for individuals and small groups -- independent studies and group projects build study skills and collaborative learning.
  • Age adaptability --
    - for younger students (4-6), an introduction to world cultures through adventure stories of high-interest. They are introduced to foreign language, mapping skills and the idea of a world beyond the back yard.
    - For elementary age students, a fully integrated curriculum with projects, enrichments, and self-directed activities.
    - For older children, the adventure stories provide a platform to go into more detailed studies about places, languages and cultures.

Who Should Use Simon and Barklee?

  • Cooperatives and study groups
  • Parent-partner programs (Simon and Barklee meets public school curriculum requirements)
  • Independent homeschooling families
  • Unschoolers

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