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Our Partners:

Washington Projects:

Southcenter Rotary of Tukwila, WA has initiated a model program in concert with the Highline Schools Fund for Excellence.

Project Objectives:

To initiate a project on a large enough scale that it will make a difference to a significant number of students.

To provide an academically sound educational program to local schools that is focused on literacy and supports Rotary’s larger goals of enhancing a sense of our world family.

To create a meaningful literacy project that can be sustained over time.

To involve multiple clubs so the project can grow and promote a sense of fellowship among Rotarians in the community.

To create and sustain a project that will involve multiple avenues of service and create volunteer roles for Rotarians to serve in their communities.

To create a program that can serve as a model for other clubs.

Project Description:

The Rotary/Simon and Barklee initiative is a literacy program that crosses age and learning levels. This means literacy from two perspectives – literacy in the classroom-sense of reading, writing, comprehension and skill building in the language arts. It also means literacy in terms of global literacy, or of building a worldview in young children to enable them to recognize all people as neighbors and citizens of a shared world. The educational materials are academically sound and correlated to state standards. Rotarians are trained to act as literacy coaches in schools where Rotary has provided the instructional system.

The program is sponsored by Rotary for use in the Highline school district in grades 5 and 6 and in the Tukwila school district for use in their after-school program.

More information on the web:

Colorado Projects:

Simon and Barklee® Literacy Program (Westminster, Denver Mile High ) Rotarians receive training, provide storybooks and teachers’ materials, and support classrooms in development of literacy through reading and language arts skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

Steve Sehnert, President of Denver Mile High Rotary, is supporting his club's Simon and Barklee's Literacy Program in an imaginative and fruitful way. Each speaker at the club's regular meetings receives a certificate that reads "In support of Rotary 5450's District Literacy program, a book has been donated in your name to the Denver Public Schools Library." A book plate stating "Given by the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High in honor of <Speaker's Name> in support of District 5450 Literacy Program" is placed in the book and distributed to one of Denver Schools' neediest libraries. The delight in this gift is heartfelt by the speaker and the Rotarians and guests of Denver Mile High.

More information on the web:

In addition, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact us any time.   

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