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Simon and Barklee in France
We arrive in Paris aboard the Eurostar train and quickly encounter Ratatouille, an eggplant-loving Parisian sewer rat. In his little Citroen "Deux Chevaux," Ratsy, as he is known, thrills with a whirlwind tour of Paris, where Simon sings at the Paris Opera, followed by a an exciting excursion through the beautiful French countryside. The adventurers discover culture, food, new friends, history and more.

Simon and Barklee in England
Here we meet Sir Nigel Bridgeton-Smythe, an elderly sheepdog, who plays host on a breathless tour of England in his old Morris motorcar. We see the sights of London then travel out of the city to discover the history and folklore of the countryside. We discover Shakespeare, Stonehenge, the Lake District and the Roman legacy in England - and Simon sings for the Queen in a spectacular finale at Royal Albert Hall.

Simon and Barklee in Germany
We find our heroes on board a tour boat for a trip down the Rhine River to explore the spectacular castles. On the boat, we meet Dieter and Dagmar, Dachshund cousins who are students at the University of Heidelberg. We travel to famous Heidelberg castle where Simon sings from the battlements, we march through the Black Forest, visit Munich, and Berlin where Simon fulfills a lifelong desire to sing at the famous Berlin Opera House. We meet new friends and discover the culture, history and language of a fascinating country.

Simon and Barklee in Mexico...NOW AVAILABLE!!
We find our heroes as they make their way from a northern Mexico race with the famous Tarahumara Indian runners to seek the Mariachi singers in Guadalajara. There, we meet the lovely Maria Dolores Leopardus Pardalis, an ocelot from Oaxaca. Together, the three travel atop the buses of Mexico as they cross the country in search of Indian legends and ruins. We experience festivals, food, families and traditions of a warm and friendly people. In an exciting adventure, our travelers become heroes as they return an ancient musical artifact to the people of Mexico.

Also coming soon:
Simon and Barklee on the Nile
Simon and Barklee in China
Simon and Barklee in Russia
Simon and Barklee in Japan
And more...


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